Why coach? 

A lacrosse coach does more than train their team in the rules and strategy of the sport. As a lacrosse coach, you are a positive role model for your players. An important aspect of your job is to teach your players life lessons about perseverance, teamwork, and integrity. 

In order to be an effective coach, you need an understanding of the rules, skills, and tactics of the sport. Knowing that you may be new to the game, we're here to help! 

Have any questions? Contact our coaching director Benoit Douillette.

2024 House League Coaching clinic

2024 GSLA Coaching Manual

Created by our Coaching Director Benoit Douillette. An intro guide to coaching lacrosse.

Coaching Survival Guide.pdf

CLA new coach guide

A CLA guide to fundamentals in lacrosse.


Drill flip cards

A handy tool on how to set up on floor drills.

LAX Coaching Guide.pdf

Halifax Hurricanes Coaching guide

A guide to basic drills matching player development. Special thanks to the Halifax Hurricanes for publishing.

Floor diagram

A diagram of the floor to print out and use to create your own drills.

LAX Goalie Guide.pdf

Box lacrosse goalie guide

How to get your new goalie comfortable in the net.


Drills for box lacrosse

Another handy guide for basic box lacrosse drills

More of a visual learner?

YouTUBE is full of great instructional videos like the one shown here.